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Bringing preachers to full prophetic voice

WomanPreach! Inc. is the premiere non-profit organization that brings preachers into full prophetic voice around issues of equity and justice both in the pulpit and in the public arena. Our mission is to produce a network of preaching women and men who will use their voice in service to the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially as it relates to Womanist/Feminist concerns of equity and justice.

Thanks for coming by our site. Come back often and send your friends. We hope you are inspired, encouraged, and challenged to have the kinds of conversations that will fire your preaching and public speaking with justice.


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Support WomanPreach! Inc. by purchasing this poster, a copy of an original piece of art created and donated by Founder Rev. Valerie Bridgeman Ph.D

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Growing a non-profit takes creativity in funding and organization. Some businesses poise themselves to help. Amazon, though it’s “Smile” portal is one such business. Good news! If you’re like many of us and shop Amazon.com, you can now support WomanPreach! Inc. with every purchase. Simply go through the “SMILE” portal listed here and choose WomanPreach! […]

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Books to Read

An Episcopal priest, Barbara Brown Taylor challenges our notions on faith and certainty.

“Without benefit of maturity of therapy, I had no way of knowing that the darkness was as much inside me as it was outside me or that I had power to affect its hold o me. No one had ever taught me to talk back to the dark or even to breathe into it.” ~ Barbara Brown Taylor

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Sermon of the Week

Leslie Callahan

Every program leader in the WomanPreach! Inc. community challenges herself in the pulpit. This week’s sermon comes from Rev. Leslie Callahan, Ph.D.

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